We plot logos and lettering in all in the chart below shown colors in our very own graphic department.

azure blue-light blue-ice blue-powder blue-turquoise blue

dark beige-pastel green-beige-ivory-black

dark gray-storm gray-gray-middle gray-warm gray

lilac-pink-soft pink-carnation pink-dark blue

yellow green-lime-tree green-olive-key lime pie-
saffron yellow

king baue-brillant blue-traffic blue-gentian blue-gentian

nougat brown-clay brown-nut brown-orange brown-light brown

orange-light orange-pastel orange-violet-lavender

brimstone yellow-dark red-red-light red-orange red

turquoise-mint-dark green-green-light green

white-golden yellow-signal yellow-yellow-light yellow

light gray-silver gray-gold-copper

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